Our Lab is the only Chiropractic based Orthotic lab in Eastern Ontario. We focus on the training and continued education for Chiropractors in Orthotic assessment and prescription.


Our mission at ChiroPed Orthotics is to provide allied healthcare professionals with the finest modern orthotics by combining clinical expertise and training with truly superior quality and craftsmanship.


We pride ourselves on educating our clients while providing clinical resources and support, technical assistance and quality for optimal biomechanical correction.

At ChiroPed, we understand that your feet are your foundation. And we know how difficult life can be when your feet, ankles or knees hurt. Whether you’re coming here on your own, or are being referred by your doctor, our staff has the experience to help you feel better. If you’ve been referred to us by a doctor, please bring your prescription to assist us with the proper treatment. If you don’t have a prescription, our Chiropractor can perform a through examination and make a proper diagnosis before we offer treatment.

If your prescription is for an orthopedic brace, we will work closely with your healthcare provider. A custom or over-the-counter brace will be fabricated and fitted.