Your Dedicated Orthotics Team

Our office has a team of professionals who are dedicated to our patients’ health. We offer custom orthotics and footwear that helps patients get back on their feet, feel comfortable, while treating any pain or injury. From a gait analysis to orthopedic appliances, we are here to help you.

It’s All Connected

Our bodies are intricate systems that are all connected. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, the cause can sometimes be found with the feet. Orthotics and orthopedics is one way to lessen and treat pain, correcting the way you walk and aligning your spine. This is all in the effort to improve function, treat, and prevent injury or pain.

Items to bring: Please bring your insurance information. If you need forms, please download from list below. Wear shoes that you use regularly. They offer us clues on how you walk. If you currently have foot orthotics that you’re not currently using, bring them with you.

Assessment: We ask a lot of questions. We’ll want to know exactly how it feels when going about your daily routine when we conduct your thorough evaluation. We’ll obtain all relevant medical information, learn about your work, daily habits, lifestyle and exercise routine. We’ll carefully assess your feet, test your range of motion, and perform a walking or running gait analysis, if needed. We’ll look at your current footwear. It’s all part of a thorough process that gives in the best results.

Recommendation: We’ll review your options and your prescription, which might include custom orthotics or footwear. Patients are pleasantly surprised to learn how much proper-fitting footwear along with an orthotic can help them feel better. If you have a medical condition and no prescription before we can treat you, we can refer you to one of our trusted doctors.


What are custom foot orthotics?

Custom foot orthoses are precision, prescription medical devices that are worn inside your shoes. Such orthotic devices are designed to alter the way your foot lands onto the ground and will provide specific support to your feet during the complex series of movements involved in walking, running or standing.

Are there different types of orthotic devices?

Yes. Assessing your weight, activity and requirements, your practitioner will determine the type of custom foot orthoses best suited to your feet. They will either mould Plaster of Paris slipper casts or take three-dimensional biofoam impressions of your feet prior to fabrication. It is vitally important for you to follow all stretching and strengthening routines and to follow the breaking in instructions included on a leaflet supplied with your orthotics.

Is there a follow-up involved?

Yes. To get the best wear from your custom made foot orthotics follow the after care instructions and always return for any follow-up visits arranged by your practitioner. It is important that your practitioner reviews the outcome of the wearing of your devices and to check that the prescription is controlling your foot function correctly.